PC Browser Version Terms of Service

Article 1 Application of these Terms of Service
1. By accessing and using Dream Girlfriend (hereinafter the “Service”), as provided by Ambition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”), you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions set out below (hereinafter the “Terms”). The Terms apply only to those accessing the Service from outside of Japan. Access from within Japan is unsupported and all support will only be provided in English.

Article 2 Changes to these Terms of Service
1. The Company may make corrections, additions, changes or removals to the Terms without notice.

Article 3 Registration
1. In order to make use of the Service, you must first register an account. An email address is required to register an account.

Article 4 Registration for Minors
1. If you are 13 or over but below the age of majority in your residing country, you must first receive permission from your legal parent or guardian before agreeing to the Terms and registering for the Service.
This service is only available for those aged 13 or over. If you are under 13, please refrain from using this service.

Article 5 Network Connection and Cost
1. You must provide your own stable network connection through which to access the Service.
2. You must bear all costs incurred through the use of this stable network connection when using the Service.

Article 6 Player ID
1. You are responsible for your Player ID, Password and other information that may identify your account, and agree not to share it with any third party. Any actions performed using this individually identifying information by any third party will be considered your own actions. This does not apply in the event of a mistake or error of the Company causing such information to be used by a third party.
2. You agree not to acquire any more than one Player ID for use with the Service.

Article 7 Payment
1. The Service contains both free and paid content. Payment methods may differ between different kinds of paid content. If you do not make payment for paid content within a specified time period, the Company reserves the right to terminate your account and use of the Service.

Article 8 Data
1. Any information, including items and other such in-game assets obtained through such information, provided by the Company through the Service, will not necessarily be made available perpetually.

Article 9 Forbidden Actions
1. You agree that any of the actions outlined below, or any actions perceived to relate to the actions below, may be met with immediate account termination upon discovery. The Company may also contact relevant authorities in situations deemed necessary by the Company.
∙ Any of the actions outlined below, or any actions relating to or performed to actively avoid the actions below.
(1) Links or other invitations to websites or services outside of the Service.
(2) Sharing personal information such as phone numbers, addresses or email addresses of your own or of a third party.
(3) Obscene or otherwise inappropriate language, promotion or encouragement of prostitution, obscene or otherwise inappropriate images or content unsuitable for minors.
(4) Promotion of illegal or anti-social behavior, or any actions deemed to encourage it.
(5) Any other actions deemed to violate public order.
(6) Sharing information relating to the stocks or other gambling activities.
(7) Attempts to borrow or lend money.
(8) Attempts to meet with other players outside of the Service.
(9) Any other actions the Company deems inappropriate.
∙ Advertising; promotion of religious groups; sales or invitations to purchase goods; political campaigning or any such actions that may violate election laws.
∙ Selling, renting, leasing, sublicensing, transferring, changing, translating, reverse engineering, reverse compiling or reverse assembling the Service without explicit permission from the Company.
∙ The use of bots, cheat tools or other software to intentionally manipulate access to or cause damage to the Service and any related data.
∙ Selling or trading assets (Real Money Trading) provided through the Service (such as virtual currencies or virtual items), or any conversations, promotions or advertising to that effect.
∙ Attempting to use or guess the ID or Password of another player.
∙ Creating or otherwise making public libelous or slanderous comments regarding other players or other third parties; infringements of likenesses, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual properties or individual privacies; threats directed towards the Service administration; incitements of violence or violations of public order.
∙ Repeated attempts to contact support with identical content or impossible requests.
∙ Any reprinting, reproduction, modification, accumulation or transmission of the Service beyond the scope of normal use without explicit permission from the Company.
∙ Requests to mediate any problems that arise outside of the Service.
∙ Any other actions which impede or damage the Company or a third party’s ability to provide the Service.

Article 10 Service Limitation, Interruption and Cancelation
1. The Company reserves the right to limitation, interruption and cancelation of the Service without any prior notification to players in the event of following.
∙ Maintenance, planned or otherwise, being carried out on any equipment, networks or systems (hereinafter the “Systems”) through which the Service is provided.
∙ Any damage, fire, power cut, force majeure, casualty or other state of emergency of the Systems that affects the ability to provide the Service.
∙ The Company deems it necessary to stop providing the Service due to technological or management issues.
∙ By order of law that may prohibit the Service from being provided.
∙ Any other unavoidable situation that may cause need for Service interruption.

Article 11 Use of Personal Data
1. The Company may use your personal data for improvement and optimization of the Service and for enacting campaigns. The Company will handle all personal data with reasonable care, as explained in its Privacy Policy.

Article 12 Your Responsibilities
1. You agree that the integrity, accuracy, lawfulness and usefulness of all information obtained or offered through the use of the Service is acknowledged as being so at your own individual discretion.
2. You agree to report to the Company all knowledge of any third party performing any actions to yourself or to others that may go against the Terms as outlined here.
3. You agree to hold full responsibility for all management and costs incurred in resolving any conflicts or disputes with any third party. The Company will not accept any responsibility or hear any requests to mediate in such circumstances.

Article 13 Exemptions
1. The Company bears no responsibility for repayments or payments of any damages to you or any third party in the event of partial or full interruption of the Service.
2. The Company reserves the right to entrust in part or in full maintenance of the Service to a third party without any prior notification to players.

Article 14 Indemnities
1. The Company reserves the right to seek compensation in the event of harm received from you or from complaints received from a third party. You agree to make compensation payments in full for such harm caused to the Company.
2. The Company agrees to pay compensation payments up to the full amount that you have spent on the Service in the event of the Company causing harm for which the Company is found responsible. However, this limit will not apply in cases where harm was caused either intentionally or through gross negligence.

Article 15 Intellectual Property Rights
1. The rights of all intellectual properties are reserved by the Company or relevant third parties.
2. The Company holds all rights including copyright of all content created by players in the Service (hereinafter Player Content) and reserves the right to replicate, reproduce, change or make public Player Content and without prior notice to players delete or make changes to such Player Content where deemed necessary by the Company; however, the Company bears no such responsibility for monitoring, deletion or changing of Player Content in such regard.
3. You acknowledge that you do not have any right to transfer or entrust any rights or responsibilities as outlined in these Terms.

Article 16 Jurisdiction
1. In the event of a dispute arising between the Company and a player, the Company will consult in good faith. In the event a resolution cannot be reached, the matter shall be dealt with under the laws of Japan and shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.